We tend to cherish and remember when we lose.
The process of loss is the strongest memory trigger.
It’s like a tiny silver bell accidentally moved by an occasional, almost involuntary touch.

The transience of everything is my biggest fear, but it’s also my strongest passion.
I cherish it with the pictures I take and the words I give.
By doing so, I declare a war on the inevitable;
The ticking clock.
The almond tree in its temporal blossom.
The seasons that change.
The people who come and go.

Being conscious, present-this is my gift.

Time may look like the most fragile resource we can possibly think of, yet it’s like energy, it can neither be created nor destroyed, for it was here, is here and will be here long after we won’t.

And no, my dear ones, I promise you that this is not an apocalyptically-pessimistic point of view,
on the contrary: It is life, beautifully and tragically sculptured, and I want to capture it as long as it’s here for me.
For us.

<3, Julia

"The photo is the hunt. It's the instinct of hunting without the desire to kill.
You track, you aim, you fire-and click!
Instead of a dead man, you make him eternal."
- "If I had four camels", Chris Marker
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